What We Are Doing



Arte en el Parque:

April 14, 2013


Last Friday our wonderful volunteers hosted our first Arte en el Parque (Art in the Park).  The first one was just for girls and we had 16 come in all. We also had 4 or 5 boys checking it all out too! With just 16, the class was super manageable and very fun. We look forward to hosting another class next Friday.  The library had a box of simple bar magnets donated, so we would like to find a way to use these.  Any ideas?


 Club Rotario Bike Safety Event:

April 14, 2013


   bike 2                                               Bike             

The new San Juan Del Sur Rotary Club organized a bike safety event for the town in early March in efforts to promote bike safety! This was the first of many events that the club will host.

Gillette Wyoming Rotary Club Spreading Joy:

March 7, 2013


For the 3rd consecutive year, the Gillette Wyoming Rotary Club has partnered with our library in San Juan del Sur. With help from our volunteers, staff and Rotary Club members, we are able to provide needed supplies and make repairs in the schools and also communities the mobile library visits.

Week 1. We were able to repair, paint and start to restore the town cultural center, paint the public school library, install two water tanks and bring running water the to the final few yards to the school of El Baston. Our library truck left each day with the paint, tools and volunteers, and a second truck was hired to go out to all of our schools with uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies and teacher supplies.

Week 2. We were at it again, addressing the repairs and improvements needed most here in our schools and communities surrounding San Juan del Sur. With incredible help from many, many volunteers and library staff, we knocked several other items off our ‘to do’ list. This included installing and/or repairing six water pumps, painting one more school, and repairing many bathrooms and their structures. We delivered more uniforms, backpacks and teacher supplies!

Week 3. We are close to completing the list of requests, and while the Rotary of Wyoming volunteers returned to the snow of Wyoming, the San Juan del Sur Rotary and Biblioteca Movil volunteers carried on. More schools have been painted and numerous uniforms, shoes and backpacks stuffed with school supplies have been delivered to many of the 34 schools we visit with the mobile library.

Week 4. In this final week, we completed four bathroom stalls at Las Marias and installed screening and finished painting two more schools. Deliveries with the mobile library continue.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and the new San Juan del Sur Rotary Club members who have dedicated their time and energy to helping us with these projects. We can’t do it without you!