What People Say

Those who have witnessed the work of the Biblioteca Móvil are often inspired to let us know about their experiences. Click the links below to read some of these testimonials.

Dearest Jane,  

My name is Sayward Porta, this is just an email of gratitude for the  
library in san juan del sur.  We've been living here for 6 months, and  the 
library gives us sanity! the free wi-fi is such a blessing, allows us to  keep in 
contact with our family in the states and to keep up with all the  goings 
on in the world! and the huge amount of english books is wonderful,  keeps 
our minds occupied here! Thanks so much again, Sayward and  Family!

Dear Jane,

When Heather came back and visited the US from her break from the Biblioteca Movil, I was truley inspired to come and visit Nicaragua. Since being here in San Juan del Sur I have met and become great friends with many of the people who work with you and Heather.  Upon my return to Seattle, I intend to do all I can to contribute and assist the library and its efforts.

Visiting San Juan has been a truly life changing experience.  I hope to return ASAP.  Feel free to contact me.  My time here has swelled my heart with compassion for the human experience and peoples of all cultures.


Robert Castro

Dear Jane,

Thank you so very much for your hard work creating a nearly flawless itinerary in a chaotic world.  Being here has been an inspiration.  My energy is renewed for reaching under served populations in the US, and I look forward to following your work here via Facebook.  May you continue to inspire Nicaraguans to lend materials and share materials and expertise with one another.

Muchos gracias,


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