Melania Vardes

Noticing a marked change in her students’ academic abilities, Melania Vardes, the Supervisor of Schools for Las Pampas, Nicaragua, wrote the following letter to the Proyecto Móvil:

“I would like to have the rest of the schools that I supervise incorporated into your mobile project as well. The teachers at the Las Pampas school have told me about the change in their students, which began after the Mobile Project’s first visit. Now, their students are more interested in their studies and their education. They wait excitedly for the Project’s next visit to their school so that they can exchange their books and take out new ones. However, the same enthusiasm stays with these students in their daily studies. Before the Project, there were some children who could not read. Now, they are reading. They are fascinated by books. Their imaginations are growing as is their desire for more education. Your Project affords these students with a very special and unique opportunity. They are doing better as a result. I am here to ask you if it would be possible to incorporate four more schools that I supervise into your program so that more children can have the same experience and benefit from the Mobile Project.”

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